New Yorkers reflect on 1 year since pandemic shutdown 

Almost a year has passed since the coronavirus pandemic led to sweeping shutdowns across the country. 

New York City was once the epicenter of the pandemic. City and state leaders were forced to take action and make changes that would affect how people interact in both their personal and professional lives. 

As mid-March approaches, New Yorkers reflect on how they adjusted to a new way of life and what was the last thing they did before the tristate area went on lockdown. 

"I think the last normal thing was going out with friends regularly," Emaad Akhder said. "And now it's a lot less."

One resident told FOX 5 NY she flew to Saudia Arabia before the shutdown and travel advisories were put into effect. 

In New York City, places like Times Square looked like a ghost town. Popular restaurants closed their doors indefinitely. Some never reopened. 

The pandemic caused many to hit the pause button and discover a new way of life. However, as virus positivity rates fall, restrictions are slowly being lifted and giving some people a taste of normalcy and a glimmer of hope. 

"I am still playing tennis. That was shut down for six months and then they opened it up again," Anna Krengel said. 

"It's been very tough but we are getting back to normal," Yona Weinstotk said. "So I have high hopes for the future."

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