'Quiet quitting' is nothing new

We are hearing of people doing something called quiet quitting. However, it does not mean people are actually leaving their jobs. So what is quiet quitting?

Back-to-school shopping savings tips

Inflation has hit back-to-school shoppers. So what can parents do? A parent and lifestyle expert has these tips on where to look for deals.

Delta pilots picketing at JFK Airport

Off-duty Delta Air Lines pilots on Thursday picketed at airports around the country, including John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. After two years of hectic pandemic travel, the pilots say they're fed up with the pace of their contract negotiations.

How families are handling the end of pandemic-era free school meals

The pandemic-era federal aid that made school meals available for free to all public school students — regardless of family income levels — is ending, raising fears about the effects in the upcoming school year for families already struggling with rising food and fuel costs.

U.S. air travel snarled by staff shortages, bad weather

Airlines canceled more than 1,500 flights across the country on Thursday and more than a third of all flights leaving LaGuardia and Newark Liberty airports. On Friday, more than 20% of departing flights were either canceled or delayed.

New Yorkers not feeling relief at pump

New York cut the state gas tax by 16 cents a gallon to help out drivers while gas prices are soaring. Some counties have also dropped gas tax prices. But with gas prices continuing the surge, many motorists say they just don't see any breaks.