Must-See Video: Little Boy Has Adorable Reaction to Pregnancy News

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Ethan looking at the photo in disbelief. (Sarah Bromby YouTube)


UNITED KINGDOM-A mother in the U.K. wanted to show the world her son’s adorable reaction when he learned that he's going to be a big brother.

The video posted by Sarah Bromby shows 5-year-old Ethan in the car with the ultrasound picture. At first, the boy thinks it’s him in the photo, but his mother says 'No, you’re going to be a big brother.'  That's when Ethan becomes very excited.

“I’m going to be a new big brother,” he exclaimed.

In one of the most precious moments in the video, Ethan tells his mom he hopes she's not joking. After his mom convinces him that she isn’t joking, a thrilled Ethan says he’s going to tell his teacher the big news.  Sarah posted the video to both Facebook and YouTube and it quickly went viral.

See his priceless reaction in the video above.