MTA to boost subway service on nights, weekends this summer

The MTA says it has a solution for all the New Yorkers tired of waiting for what feels like an eternity for their subway train to arrive.

Well… sort of.

Starting in July, the G, J, and M lines will increase their weekend service, allowing trains to arrive every 8-9 minutes, shaving off a precious two minutes of wait time. And in August, the C, N, and R lines will follow suit, with increased weekday and weekend service, reducing wait times even further.

But is it enough? It's the first major increase in service since the pandemic, and it's all thanks to a $35M allotment from the new state budget. 


The funding will cover additional train crews, electrical power, and maintenance. 

While it's certainly a step in the right direction, some riders wonder if it's really enough.

According to the MTA, ridership on city subways is just over 4 million on a given weekday, which is a big increase from last year but still below pre-pandemic levels. 

The MTA argues that demand is still there, and more subway lines will be up and running quicker later this year and into next summer.

So, if every minute counts when you ride the subway, the schedule boosts are definitely something to look forward to.