Michelle Go: Asian-Americans mark first anniversary of woman's killing in subway

Women in the Asian-American community gathered Sunday to remember Michelle Go, who was tragically killed on January 15, 2022, when a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks at Times Square when a train was approaching the station.

Hundreds attended Sunday's vigil, with others taking part in a ‘Virtual Day of Healing’ hosted by the Angry Asian Womxn Group, who discussed the trauma the anniversary of go's death triggers.

Martial Simon, 61, the man charged with pushing Go to her death was sent to a psychiatric facility indefinitely in April 2022 after being found mentally unfit to stand trial.

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Go's death was followed by the horrifying stabbing of Christina Yuna Lee inside her Chinatown apartment in February 2022. 

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"You can't help but think - that could have been me, that could have been a friend of mine," said Sarinya Srisakul, former president of United Women Firefighters. "What was different about her?"

After the beginning of the pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes spiked by 361%, according to the NYPD.

However, Go's death also highlighted the city's growing mental health and homelessness crises. 

While the city has rolled out new effort to stop increase safety on the subway, Michelle's father Justin Go wrote in Sunday's New York Times: "Real change comes with meaningful preventive measures. This requires, among other things, adequate and continued funding for housing, treatment and other programs."