Meet Tiki: The diaper-wearing monkey spotted inside a Bronx tow truck

Meet Tiki, the monkey who was seen hanging out in her diaper inside a tow truck in the Bronx on Sunday.

Someone spotted Tiki the spider monkey near Tremont Avenue and posted a video on the Citizen app that has gone viral.

"A monkey named Tiki, known as the tow-truck monkey, was spotted spreading good vibes," Citizen NYC wrote on X.

Her owner, who only goes by Junior, is a tow truck driver.

"Her name is Tiki. She went with me yesterday because I wanted to bring out, and I was bored. I said, you know what? Let me just take it with me," Junior told FOX 5 NY.

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Junior lives with Tiki in Florida, where if you have a permit, owning a primate is legal.

"I had her for two years and a half. She can last 35 to 40 years in captivity. But she'll be a baby forever. Obviously, she loves me, so she'll have a pamper for the rest of her life because I have to change up, improvises. She'll use the bathroom. Whatever," Junior said.

However, in New York, having a pet monkey is on the no-no list.

Article 161 of the city's health code lists animals that are illegal to keep as pets, including "all non-human primates, including, but not limited to, monkey, ape, chimpanzee, gorilla and lemur."

Tiki and Junior are now on their way back to Florida.