Mayor Adams visiting U.S.-Mexico border

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is in El Paso, Texas to see first-hand the crisis at the United States' southern border.

His trip come just one day after he sent Governor Kathy Hochul an emergency request, asking for immediate help this weekend to shelter arriving asylum seekers. 

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According to City Hall, the request is for the state to help find locations to house the migrants outside of New York City.

"It is a major impact not only to our safety net but also our recovery coming after the pandemic and making sure we could provide the basic services for everyday New Yorkers," Adams said. 

Adams said the migrant crisis is driving the city to its breaking point. Just this past week, over 3,00 migrants arrived in the city, with 835 arriving on one single day alone, the most the city has seen so far.

Adams says the crisis is a dire emergency and the state needs to step in. 

A spokesperson for the Governor says the state has deployed more than 900 members of the national guard and invested millions of dollars in legal assistance to asylum seekers.

However, the Mayor says that the resources are being stretched this and the money just isn't there. He is not only calling on the state and also the federal government to step in. He estimates that the cost to care for asylum seekers is now approaching $2B.