Man kills woman over failed marriage proposal, cops say

A Pennsylvania man snapped the neck of a female friend and beat her with a hatchet after she refused his marriage proposal, according to police.

Christopher R. Tucker, 34, was charged with murder and criminal homicide for allegedly killing Tara M. Serino.  Serino was killed just days before her 20th birthday.

The Kempton man reportedly asked Serino to marry him at his home in Berks County. She said no and told him that she was sleeping with other men, according to local reports. He allegedly told police that she told him that he should kill her.

Police said Tucker told them that he snapped and choked her. He poked her eyes out and snapped her neck, police said, according to the station. He allegedly wrapped her in a rug and left.

Tucker was caught at a truck stop in Champaign County, Illinois. He was being held on a Fugitive From Justice criminal complaint and was undergoing extradition proceedings so he can be sent back to Pennsylvania.