Transit Solutions aims to transform Long Island commutes on 'Car Free Day'

Transit Solutions is hoping to start a trend in transportation alternatives as the organization pushes participation ahead of Long Island’s 11th Car Free Day on Friday. 

The event encourages those who would normally drive their own car to ride a train, bus, bike, carpool, or telecommute.

"36% of green house gas emissions come from vehicles," Germain said. 


Good Samaritan rescues driver from submerged car in Freeport

It happened at Gordon Place in Freeport around 9:30 a.m.

It’s something Eric Alexander with Vision Long Island says can already be accomplished in one of Long Island’s 45 walkable downtowns. 

Car Free Day is an international event celebrated in more than 3,100 cities in over 50 countries around the world but here on Long Island, many people we spoke with believe it’s not all that realistic. 

Robert Sinclair Jr. with AAA Northeast says it’s difficult traveling from the north shore to the south shore using mass transit - adding he has has safety concerns when walking or biking as some streets have no sidewalks.

"Reducing the number of cars would certainly help with pollution and congestion on Long Island but it’s kind of impractical," he said. 

The bus systems in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are also undergoing a redesign to improve accessibility.