Local store stocks exotic snacks from around the world

Oreos from Japan.  Chips from South Korea. Even a seltzer all the way from Egypt. This is no ordinary snack shop.

The snacks and drinks in a Westchester County store are from across the globe.

Philip Quiroz, the co-owner of 914 Exotics says, "All these different countries would have their own flavor so when I came across it I said 'I have to bring these back to the States'."

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Philip Quiroz was a world traveler pre-pandemic. But once he was grounded from flying during the COVID pandemic, he decided to bring his love of those snacks around the world back home.

A year later he opened 914 Exotics in White Plains and as the sign inside the store says, he’s sticking to the exclusives.

Despite the hefty price tag, the imported snacks have been a hot commodity since the store opened two weeks ago. 

Doritos from Turkey can be priced as high as $15 a bag and Kit Kats from Australia are around $8 per bar.

The seasoning and the dressing used in the items are much different than they are in the U.S.

So if you’re still heeding the warning of traveling internationally this year, you can always get a little taste of the country of your choosing. Right here in the "914".

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