Karate teacher accused of sending nude pictures to minor

A female karate teacher is facing several charges after police said she sent nude pictures of herself to an 11-year-old boy. 

Orlando police officers arrested martial arts instructor and competitor Stephanie Figueroa, 20, last Thursday.  According to a police report, Figueroa and the boy were using a texting app called Kik to communicate.  In the report, the boy alleges Figueroa also touched him while at the karate studio.

Her father, Joe Figueroa, is the owner of Next-Gen Xtreme Martial Arts studio and said the allegations against his daughter are false.  He said there are surveillance cameras in every room, throughout the building, except the restrooms.  He said the cameras do not show anything occurring between his daughter and the boy.

Figueroa faces six different charges, including attempted lewd and lascivious behavior, solicitation of a minor, showing obscene material to a minor, using a two-way device illegally, and child abuse.  She has since bonded out of jail.