Hudson Valley cleanup ongoing as additional storms pause recovery efforts

Sunday's rainy weather comes just a week after serve storms pummeled the Hudson Valley, where some residents are still trying to recover from the damage.

"This is the kind of weather in what should be a beautiful beach going Sunday in July could turn into a devastating catastrophe because of Mother Nature," Gov. Kathy Hochul said Sunday while addressing another wave of storms bound for the tri-state area.

Mother Nature was full of mercy Sunday in Highland Falls, as residents’ eyes were glued to TV screens wondering if it could all happen again.

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Rockland County- Palisades Interstate Parkway flooding. (New York State Police)

"It was terrible, like that anxious feeling you get, oh my God, are you kidding me again, gonna have to go through this again?" one resident questioned.

Just a week ago, a storm rushed through the Hudson Valley, leaving a trail of destruction in its path and a memory strong enough to provoke fear with rain in the forecast on any day that followed.

Luckily, Sunday’s showers were short-lived, giving volunteers just enough time to make their rounds distributing pizza and food to residents shut in by the damage. 

"We have a list of people that is on the paper at and where I’m actually gonna go out and deliver them to the people home," a volunteer said.

Ms. Ellie Stroppel and her neighbors saw the worst of it. 

Sunday, FOX 5 NY saw her yard just over the brook, lined with bags and bags of waterlogged belongings that made her house home.

As devastating as its aftermath looks, she called last weekend's storm an act of God, one she chooses not to question. 

"Man has no control over it," Stroppel said.

The Orange County executive, though, is confident the help the community needs is on its way.

"The governor, I've been on the phone with first thing this morning, and we are awaiting the federal government to declare us a national disaster. So, I think that's going to come down the line," County Executive Steve Neuhaus said.