How to track your absentee ballot in New York City

An absentee ballot envelope for a New York City voter.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, New York officials passed legislation allowing any registered voter to request and submit an absentee ballot citing the risk of infection as a reason for not being able to vote in person. 

And if you're a voter in New York City, you can track the progress of your submitted ballot to make sure that your vote is counted.

Once you fill out your ballot, you can return it either by mail or by hand (the city's Board of Elections will accept absentee ballots at its borough offices at early voting sites and at poll sites on Election Day).

Then you can track that ballot's progress through the system at You'll need to enter either your absentee confirmation code or your voter information. 

"Data in the system updates every 24 hours," the BOE says on the tracking portal. "Applications may take up to 72 hours to enter the tracking system."

NOTE: You can see important dates about New York's elections and voting process here. Peruse this information about how to receive and submit your ballot.

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