How the pandemic lockdown can test your marriage

Annie Scranton, her husband, Michael Sorrentino, and their 2-year-old daughter, Rose, say they are surviving the stay-at-home order and will survive together long after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is over. 

"I think it would be unnatural if there weren't times when you drive each other crazy," Annie said.

"We've always been focused on equality as a couple," Michael said. "There's no male roles or female roles in our marriage and I think it has helped."

Annie owns a public relations firm. Michael owns a video production company. They are both working from home while taking care of little Rose.

"I work in the morning out of the little home office that we made in our bedroom while Mike is watching Rose," Annie said. "And in the afternoons we switch." 

Michael said that allows each of them to get work done while also leaving room for mental health, some meditation time and room to breathe.

But it seems this couple's relationship during COVID-19 is not the norm.

Erica Komisar, a psychoanalyst, said the coronavirus pandemic can affect marriages and other relationships.

"I've got a flood of new patients during this crisis who are struggling with their marriages and relationships," she said. 

Komisar said that being in lockdown together, pretty much 24-7, is magnifying relationship problems that existed before the pandemic.

"It's a stress test. They're finding that there's not an equal share of responsibility," she said. "They're finding that even their physical connection may not be so good."

And Komisar said she expects to see more divorces after the pandemic is over. 

"Sadly, there's probably more conflict that's coming out of this than the happy stories," she said.

But one of the happy stories is Brian Chenensky and Deborah Mallow, who have been married 38 years and still going strong.

"It's all about positivity and being supportive of each other," Deborah said. "And laughing a lot." 


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