Hip-hop artist Phresher spreads holiday cheer as Santa

Most of the time he's known as the hip hop artist Phresher, but this time of the year the high energy Brooklyn rapper puts on his Santa Claus suit to make some very special kids extra happy.

For the third year in a row, East New York's own Phresher returned to P 36K where he once worked as a teacher's aide before his hip hop career took off.

"Kayvon come give Santa a hug, have you been naughty or nice (nice!) That's what I'm talking about!"

Santa went from room to room giving out hugs and toys.

For many of he children at this school for students with special needs, it will be their only gift.

"Hey Kenny, you've been naughty Kenny, I'll see you later Kenny," said Phresher.

You ready for this Santa?

"I'm always ready for this, Lisa."

Ok let's stop right here. The Santa Stop.

"Andrew, give Santa a hug."

"He's been at the door waiting for you, Santa," said the teacher.

"Watching the smiles on their faces, that's everything to me," said Phresher.

Principal Kevin Lenahan says it doesn't get any better than this.

"They're going to have a phenomenal Christmas....perfect," said Lenahan.

One of the most moving stories I heard while we were here was about a little boy who when asked by the staff what he wanted for Christmas said nothing for himself but he's like a doll for his sister.