Girl with Down Syndrome lives dream as an NBA cheerleader

Team Manager Jeanine Klem-Thomas told FOX 35, “She found out Friday morning at a pep rally that her dream and wish had been granted, and then they whisked her away in a limo directly to the airport.” 

It was all made possible by the Dream on 3 Organization. It’s a non-profit that provides special opportunities for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities or life-altering conditions. 

Maggie is already a cheerleader at home in North Carolina with Victory Cheer, so she learned the routine with ease. Even more important than moves, however, Maggie has the energy and joy that it takes to be a cheerleader. 

“She gave me the biggest hug, like we’ve known each other forever. And when she ran in to meet the dancers, she goes, ‘It’s my team!’ and she had this joy about her the moment she walked in,” said Klem-Thomas.

Maggie impressed at practice, and brought the crowd to their feet during the halftime show. 

"In everyday life people just sort of look past her, don't think much of her. Obviously anytime 

a parent has someone care for their child in the way that this is going on, I mean it just warms our heart," said her father Danny Scurlock. 

Watch the video to see Maggie’s magic on full display.