Georgia Girl Scout troop recycles bags into beds for homeless

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A Girl Scout troop in Cobb County is working to save the environment with an innovative project.

Girl Scout Troop 17129 has been working nonstop on a community-friendly and eco-friendly project: they're making bed mats for the homeless.

"The girls are very interested in reacting and acting with people who are in need," said Kimberly Heiple, the troop leader.

These mats are not only getting the homeless off the pavement, but each mat also uses 800 to 1,000 plastic bags, keeping them out of our landfills.

"Sometimes it can be cold outside, and then they won't have to suffer on the ground," said 11-year-old junior scout Cheyenne Smith.

The girls visited grocery stores around Cobb County and took bags out of the recycling bins to make the mats.

"Plastic bags can stay in a landfill for up to 800 years, so that's why we're doing this. We're kind of saving the planet in a little way and by helping others," said scout Sydney Batarstch. 

The project doesn't stop with just the mats. The girls assembled special kits with snacks and supplies to go with each mat:

"Every person deserves to eat and sleep, and if they get hurt, they can heal themselves with what we have in here," said Brownie Annie Merritt. "You might think you're doing a little thing, but it's actually impacting people around you."

With a simple project, these girls are learning so much more than weaving.

"I hope this project will be a building block so they become beautiful, confident young women," Heiple said.

The girls say it's all about living their Girl Scout promise to help people at all times.

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