Frederick County residents turn port-a-potty into festive spectacle

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When a construction crew placed a port-a-potty in a Frederick County neighborhood, residents transformed the eyesore into a spectacular holiday light display – complete with a disco ball.

The portable toilet appeared in the Urbana neighborhood for the construction crew retrofitting a nearby storm water management pond.

When a resident complained about the port-a-potty in front of his home to his neighbors – they took matters into their own hands and decided to decorate the portable toilet.

The quirky neighborhood rebellion has quickly turned into holiday fun with festive lights and more.

First came the lights, then a wreath, then came the disco ball. There is also toilet paper, water and air freshener. Residents of the Urbana neighborhood say a nativity scene is being added to the growing display Wednesday night.

Frederick County government leaders say the construction is part of an active project that encompasses 15 ponds in the Urbana area. The port-a-potty appeared on Friday.

Residents say it is an unwelcome distraction and eyesore especially during a time when residents are celebrating the holiday with decorations.

They say the homeowner's association is advising they forward their concerns to Frederick County.

After FOX 5 brought the issue to the county, a spokesman said they’re planning to move the toilet closer to the actual construction and the pond.