Family of doctors; trio of physicians at valley hospital

It's something you do not see very often, three brothers, all of them doctors. They're all part of the newest group of residents at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix. But that's just part of their story.

On any given day, any given shift, patients at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix could cross paths with Dr. Abidali.

Doctors Moustapha, Hussein, or Ali Abidali are all residents. "I'm a first year, they're third year," said Dr. Ali Abidali.

Dr. Ali is the youngest; he is a first-year internal medicine resident.

"I was the first generation to start medical school and my brothers followed that pathway," said Dr. Moustapha Abidali.

The brothers have called Arizona home for about a decade now, even attending medical school together. But it's their family history that serves just as interesting.

The family escaped the persecution of Saddam Hussein in the Middle East after several family members were killed, they fled to different countries before arriving in the United States.

"We grew up together, we were raised together, so we knew our differences, and we knew our boundaries, we knew where we clicked, so we supplement each other," said Dr. Hussein Abidali.

They support each other in every way, and compliment one another's skills, and always know they are at home together.

"When we do see each other it's a good feeling, it's a family of home," said Dr. Moustapha.

The hospital is pretty certain this is the first time in history that three brothers have been residents under the same program, at the same time. The doctors have two more younger brothers, one is a student at Arizona State University with possible aspirations of becoming a doctor, the fifth is about to start at ASU with possible aspirations of becoming a dentist.