Family hopes to find new owner for house trained bison

A 1,000 pound bison named Bullet is up for sale in Texas, and she's not your typical grazing cow.

The 8-year-old is so domesticated; she is free to roam inside the family's house.

People can see Bullet living on about 3 acres of land, but the owner says she has her hands full and wants bullet to have a better home.

"I've got my hands full... yeah, it's time," Bullet's owner, Karen Schoeve said. "When she is hot and sweaty, she'll come in and lay on the couch. No, I'm kidding. Well, only kinda. I mean, she does come in the house."

A Craigslist ad for bullet has drawn dozens of requests, including one from a camp for autistic children, but no offer has been made yet.

"I just think she deserves better," Schoeve explained. "Better space, bigger grassland. I just think it's best for her."

In the meantime, Bullet and her family are spending some final warm, Texas evenings together, both inside out outside their home.