Expert advice on how to eat to keep your hair healthy

Veteran stylist and hair loss specialist, Debbie Williams, the owner of  Changing Faces Hair Clinic,  helps clients like new mom Amelia Van Mary get stronger, healthier hair.

"The first thing I talk about is their diet.  And I tell them, the best way we're going to heal your hair loss is in the foods you eat," says Williams.

So, Williams put together this show-and-tell of her favorite hair-healthy foods, starting with antioxidant-rich blueberries.

"Blueberries have vitamins A, B, C, and E in them.  And these vitamins actually help to stimulate hair growth.  So this is amazing for your hair," declares Williams."Then you have walnuts, and walnuts contain zinc. Walnuts contain biotin.  Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids."

The same thing with salmon, it's full of omega 3s. Beans are great for needed protein.

"And they're just wonderful to help strengthen the hair," says Williams.

Williams also recommends eggs, which, she says, provide protein, vitamin D, and biotin, a supplement you may have heard about to designed to boost hair growth.

She says the problem with biotin is many times these supplements have fillers in them.
"The best way to get your biotin is to eat it.  And eggs have biotin and also zinc," says Williams.

Another superfood is spinach, or any dark leafy greens, packed with vitamins and iron.

"And my favorite, which people think are somewhat disgusting, are oysters," shares Williams.

Because they're packed with zinc.

"Every cell in our body needs zinc.  And if we have a zinc deficiency, you will start to lose hair," says Williams.

Debbie Williams says you won't see a change overnight, but eating more foods like can feed your hair from the inside out.

 "And if you do, you will see a difference in your hair."