Dwyane Wade honors Parkland victim who was buried in his jersey

This week, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade took the floor with a very special message on his shoe: A tribute to 17-year-old Parkland, Florida shooting victim Joaquin Oliver.

Oliver was a Miami Heat super-fan, and was especially excited for Wade, his favorite player, to return to the team after having played in Cleveland earlier in the season. Oliver was such a fan that his parents say they buried him in his favorite jersey: Dwyane Wade’s number 3.

That news got back to Wade, and when he heard, he tweeted, “You’re about to make me cry this afternoon.” 

Soon after, Wade tweeted again to announce that he’s dedicating the rest of his season to Oliver’s memory. The first time the Heat played after that was Wade’s first game played at home in Miami since returning to the team.  He had Joaquin’s name written on his shoe.

As for what happened in the game, Oliver would have been thrilled: Wade hit the game-winning shot.