Douglas County deputies seize 50 pounds of marijuana, 3 arrested

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Deputies in Douglas County confiscate more than 50 pounds of marijuana in a massive drug bust that landed three people in jail.

Officials arrested Pauling Montana, Zachary Buchannan, and Aleah Campbell during Wednesday's bust.

Deputies said they arrested Montana after they stopped a U-Haul truck he was driving and found 50 pounds of marijuana inside.

That arrest led them to a home where they say they found Buchannan and Campbell along with another 10 pounds of marijuana and other drugs.

Deputies charged Gaunt with marijuana trafficking.

They charged Buchannan and Campbell with trafficking marijuana and cocaine as well as possession of a stolen handgun.

Just last week, the sheriff’s office, in a separate case, took more than 4,500 street-level doses of meth and a pound of marijuana off the streets.

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