Disabled North Texas teen makes history at NY Fashion Week

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A North Texas teenager with special needs is making history working on the runway in New York for the city's famous Fashion Week.

Jude Hass lives with Down syndrome and is super excited about the opportunity he hopes will encourage others with disabilities.

Jude became the first-ever male model with Down syndrome to walk the runway for the New York Fashion Week.

"When everybody clapped and was cheering for you, how does that make you feel?” FOX 4 Reporter Dionne Anglin asked Jude.

“Makes me proud,” he replied. “I love it."

The 15-year-old from Plano began modeling a few years ago and has a talent agent who specializes in representing people with disabilities.

Jude and his sister Emma are home schooled. They have two other siblings who go to public school.

This year’s Fashion Week show geared toward a children's collection by FTL Moda was pivotal in more ways than one.

"We're getting more and more people with Down's syndrome in the media and in view of the general public, and so it's raising awareness,” said Jude’s Mom, Rachel Wolverton. “It's amazing. There's no words for that. It's just amazing."