Disabled athletes train with athletes across the country in CrossFit

In a warehouse gym in San Francisco, the athletes might be disabled, but they’re training to be the very best they can be in CrossFit. Trainer Max Conserva wants them to give their all, no matter what.

“[They’re] required to put everything on the line with no excuses,” he told KTVU.

The athletes are training to reach their personal bests on a number of exercises, then entering the information online to compete with others around the nation. Conserva thinks it’s important for these athletes to know they belong, and to not put limits on themselves.

The short-term goal is to compete, but the long-term goal is to build confidence and independence. Conserva wants all of his athletes to know they have what it takes to accomplish anything they decide to do.

All of Conserva’s exercises are designed with functional strength in mind. He wants his athletes to be able to pick up heavy objects, get themselves off the ground, and maximize their ability to move without assistance.

But most important of all, Conserva wants his athletes to be confident. Because he knows that his gym is tough, and if these athletes can succeed here... they can succeed anywhere.