Dine with your doggo: NYC café where fluff meets flavor at Boris & Horton!

At the corner of Driggs Avenue and 8th Street in Williamsburg, you don’t have to curb your dog. They’re welcome inside and off-leash in all their fluff and glory at Boris & Horton. Founded by Coppy Holzman and his daughter, Logan, it was a space born out of necessity that first opened in the East Village before expanding to Brooklyn.

The concept took off with a stamp of approval from the health department. It works because the operation is split into two storefronts separated by a foyer. Dogs are in one area, and the food is prepared and picked up in another.

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From iced lattes to sandwiches, humans get their own food. And dogs also have a menu that includes pup tarts, cookies, and peanut butter ice cream.

During the pandemic, when many people got a pet, dog cafés soared in popularity in the age of remote work. 

"Now post-COVID, people aren't going to their office every day, so it's like an extension of your apartment. You can come here to work during the day. You can hang out in the evenings at one of our events," Holzman said.

If you want to get in on the fun, Boris & Horton plans to grow their paw-print to other neighborhoods in the future.