Detroit Police officer fired over 'zoo animals' Snapchat

A Detroit police officer who was suspended over the weekend over a post he made on Snapchat has now been fired, Chief Craig announced Monday.

The snap in question was a selfie of Officer Sean Bostwick, in police uniform, with the caption reading, "Another night to Rangel up these zoo animals [sic]." 

Craig said his supervisors quickly took action when they heard about the post Sunday afternoon. Craig said the officer voluntarily removed the post but that it had already spread. Craig said he spoke with the officer and that he took responsibility and expressed remorse, saying he didn't mean it the way it came off. 

"His reasoning certainly didn't pass muster," Chief Craig argued, though, at the press conference. "I mean, what were you trying to say? What was the true intent of your statement? Highly insensitive. ... Our officers were deeply troubled by him making these comments."

The officer was new to the force, just two months out of the academy. He was hired in June of 2017 and had to complete the six-month academy a second time. We're told he had to return to the academy because of low test scores.

He was still in his probationary period when the snap was posted.

"In this officer's instance, his probationary period was extended. I want to commend the commanding officer of the 12th precinct; she had some concerns about his adaptation to training. He was extended and, so, for that reason, he was not confirmed. With his time, he could have been confirmed and we would of had a different process [for his termination]."

Chief Craig said at the press conference the officer was suspended Sunday with pay, which is customary, but that he will be removed from the payroll effective Tuesday morning.