De Blasio: Syrian refugees welcome in NYC

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Mayor de Blasio issued statements on Tuesday welcoming Syrian refugees and blasting critics like Gov. Chris Christie, who want to block them from the U.S.

Mayor de Blasio said:  "We should not close our borders to any group of people fleeing the atrocities and horrors of terrorism. To do so is to hand terrorists a victory over our democracy, strengthened over the years by Americans who died or risked their lives for it."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered state agencies to not help resettle any Syrian refugees in the wake of last week's Paris attacks and urged President Barack Obama to halt the influx of all Syrian refugees immediately.

On Gov. Christie, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, de Blasio said:  "His comment is an embarrassment to this country. If he were in any other profession, it would be dismissed out of hand for the callous, heartless and prejudiced statement that it is."

On Donald Trump's suggestion that mosques be closed he said:  "We will adhere to the words of our Founding Fathers, not Donald Trump.  Mosques don't commit acts of terrorism. People do. NYPD will investigate the crime, not close down places of worship.

We are a strong country. We can protect our country with the appropriate and intensive screening and accept refugees seeking our protection at the same time. New York City is a proud immigrant city, and we will not turn our back on that history or the people being persecuted and fleeing war."

On Muslims living in New York City he said they are:  "a crucial ally in the fight against terrorism. ISIS does not discriminate and has killed members of many races and religion. The Muslim community is as deeply concerned about terrorism as other communities are. NYPD investigates the crime, not a group of people. That will not change."