3 grizzly bears now on display at Central Park Zoo

Three grizzly bears are settling into their new home in Central Park after making the move from the Bronx. 

The three female bears — Treena and siblings Amber and Luna — had lived at the Bronx Zoo since becoming orphaned in Montana in 2013, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Then earlier this month, the bears were transferred to the Central Park Zoo, where they are now on display. 

"The bears have settled in and are wonderful additions to the Central Park Zoo. They are enjoying the varied terrain and water features in the exhibit, and they have arguably one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline," WCS City Zoos Director Craig Piper said in a statement. "As ambassadors for their wild cousins, their story will help people understand specific ways safely coexist with wildlife and reduce human-bear conflict, whether with grizzly bears in the West or black bears in our own backyard."

The bears like to climb on the rocks, dig in the dirt, and wade in the stream and pools of the habitat.

Nine years ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society agreed to take in all three bears when they were cubs. Someone illegally shot and killed Amber and Luna's mother, WCS said. Treena was orphaned when wildlife officials had to euthanize her mother after repeatedly foraging for food in residential neighborhoods.

The Wildlife Conservation Society's mission is to save "wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature," according to its website. In addition to the Bronx Zoo, its flagship property, and the Central Park Zoo, WCS runs the Prospect Park Zoo, the New York Aquarium, and the Queens Zoo.

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(Photo by Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society)