NYPD releases 2022 crime numbers

The New York City Police Department has released its latest crime statistics, and it shows crime is up in nearly every major category.

After three decades of historic lows, crime is on the uptick again, and that all began to happen in 2020. City officials say it's due to a number of different factors, primarily the COVID-19 pandemic, the flow of illegal guns and changes to bail reform laws. 

While murders are down 11.1%, crime is up in all other six categories:


  • Murders: 434
  • Rapes: 1,615
  • Robberies: 17,408
  • Felony assaults: 26,039
  • Burglaries: 15,731
  • Grand larcenies – 51,557
  • Grand larceny autos – 13,762


  • Murders: 488
  • Rapes: 1,491
  • Robberies: 13,831
  • Felony assaults: 22,835
  • Burglaries: 12,811
  • Grand larcenies – 40,870
  • Grand larceny autos – 10,415

In a one-on-one interview last month, Mayor Eric Adams told FOX 5 New York he believes crime trends are now shifting downward. He said he had to focus on the proliferation of guns, homicides and shootings.

But what does he think is driving the crime surge all year? 

"Bad people are coming back on our streets, catch, release, repeat. We have to free up our criminal justice system," Adams said. "I pushed for criminal justice reforms. But you always should analyze how do we tweak it to make it better?"

Earlier last year, the city began beefing up NYPD patrols in the streets and throughout the subway system. The mayor also revived a controversial plain clothes unit rebranded as neighborhood safety teams tasked with seizing illegal guns.

Some of the numbers may change in the coming days if data is reclassified or even recategorized. So far, no official statement from the NYPD.