Arizona high schooler first female to receive college football scholarship

Football kicker Becca Longo trading in football for softball, just for the day.

"I've gotten hit plenty number of times. I've given some hits. It's really just a good base and you learn so much from it.  You make so many new friends. And I feel like I just have a huge family of brothers now," said Longo.

Fox 10 caught up with her Wednesday afternoon as she was practicing for Larry Fitzgerald's celebrity softball game this weekend.

"Larry Fitzgerald sent me a direct message saying, 'Hey do you mind if I tweet that you're on the team?' I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, yes Larry Fitzgerald, you can tweet about me,'" said Longo.

About a week ago, Longo was just a typical high school student, until she became the first female to get a football scholarship.

She recently committed to kick at Adams State in Colorado.

"I didn't really think that I could kick in college until the middle of my senior year. I thought transitioning from the tee to the ground was going to be a lot harder than it was, and the rest is history," said Longo.

Longo proved herself and many others wrong.

Her recent success has created a buzz not just locally but nationally.

"Stressful, overwhelming, that's for sure," said Longo.

She's hoping other girls can see her story and be reminded that the sky is the the limit.

I just hope that it opens their mindsets to do different things, try different things, because it is such a great experience. And everybody is saying I'm inspiring all of these little girls, but I feel like they're inspiring me to be a better person," said Longo.

Longo is an all-around talent and will be on a dual scholarship to Adams State. Aside from football, she'll also play on the women's basketball team.