Lew's View - Kids take the fight for charter schools to city hall

I’m not normally in favor of adults using children to help promote their point of view or political agenda.

However, I do condone the actions of the students from a Success Academy Charter School who showed up this week on the steps of City Hall to demand that Mayor Bill De Blasio deliver on his promise to provide space to house their middle school. 

After all, it was De Blasio who used his own child Dante in a famous campaign ad that many experts credit with getting him elected.

Even though they are highly effective and can serve as a model for improving public education, Mayor De Blasio hates charter schools. He detests them because the teacher’s union despites them for not using union teachers. 

I was disgusted when I saw video and photos of the Mayor and his wife ignoring the students this week and walking past them as if they didn’t exist. 

Imagine how those kids felt.

Would it have killed De Blasio and his wife to at least acknowledge their presence and say a few words?

It was a bad news week for De Blasio and his school’s chief Richard Caranza as information came out regarding the ongoing waste of $100M for teachers who don’t work and the high school diplomas for kids who don’t go to school. 

These kids are our future, they want to learn. The only lesson they learned from you Mr. De Blasio was how not to treat other people and how not act like an adult.