You've been in a car crash, now what?

When you get behind the wheel, you don't expect to get into an accident. When a minor crash does occur, what do you do next?

"The first thing you need to do is check yourself and any passengers that you may have," said Robert J. Sinclair, AAA Northeast.

The next step is to safely move the vehicle out of the way. You have to balance that with the fact you might need to take pictures of the scene.

But, for someone who, let's say, gets into a crash in the middle of the highway, you probably shouldn't move your vehicle.

"I would say just stay there. The vehicle has lots of protection systems all around it, lots of metal," said Sinclair.

Let's say you've been in a crash with no major injuries, should you call the police?

"It really depends. If it’s a minor accident, less than $1000 worth of damage then you don’t need to call the police, but you really need to document the situation," said Sinclair.

Take lots and lots of pictures.

Make sure to get the plate number of the other vehicle and include photos of the damage to the other vehicle. Don't forget the inspection sticker, the registration sticker on the other vehicle, and the scene.

"We all have to be our own kind of insurance estimators because $1000 is the threshold. If it’s more than $1000 of damage the police need to be called. If there are injuries the police and the ambulance need to be called," said Sinclair.

It’s very important to have the proper insurance coverage. Be familiar with the 'uninsured' and 'under insured' provisions of the policy.

When police arrive, make sure to get the officer's name and badge number. Do not admit blame and do not blame the other person.

And, last but not least, notify your insurance company about the crash as soon as possible.