World Trade Center's leaky Oculus patched with tape

The skylight at the top of the Oculus has sprung a leak. The Oculus is the centerpiece of the nearly $4 billion World Trade Center transportation hub and mall.

"The water leaks here," one commuter told Fox 5 News. "It leaked this morning."

So the Port Authority is using Flex Tape brand tape to seal the leak. Flex Tape is a waterproof tape you've probably seen on a television infomercial. The Port Authority confirmed that it bought about $30,000 worth of it to put on both sides of the glass.

"It's insane," one commuter said. "It's a brand-new building."

The Oculus opened about two and a half years ago. The skylight roof is retractable but the rubber seal along the spine of the skylight ripped last year when it was opened and closed during a 9/11 ceremony, according to the Port Authority. Since then, it has leaked numerous times.

The tape isn't a permanent solution, though.

"[W]e will be replacing its rubberized gasket that seals the skylight shut," the Port Authority said in a statement. "This requires warmer weather, and it will occur later this summer."

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