Woman wasn't tested by urgent care because she was vaccinated - but later dies of COVID-19

"They screened her but she was vaccinated and so they didn’t feel the need," said Teresa Lisowski. "When I asked her she said they didn’t need to test me because I am vaccinated."

Lisowski says her mother Marilyn Pfeifer did everything right. The 74-year-old was fully vaccinated and on Aug. 4th when she started to experience sinus congestion, ear pain, and a headache, she headed to Lakes Urgent Care in Livonia.

Covid was a concern, but records obtained by her daughter, show she was diagnosed with a sinus infection - and never tested for Covid.

"They screened her, but she was vaccinated and so they didn’t feel the need," she said. "When I asked her, she said 'They didn’t test me because I am vaccinated.'"

But Marilyn's symptoms only got worse. A little over a week later, an ambulance rushed Marilyn to St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia where tests revealed despite being double vaccinated, she had COVID-19.

In a matter of days, Marilyn's lungs collapsed and she was placed on a ventilator. Teresa decided to confront the clinic.

"I pulled up my picture and I said, 'This is my mom on a ventilator across the street,'" Lisowski said. "(I said) 'She was here two weeks ago. You guys diagnosed her with a sinus infection and you did not Covid test her because she is vaccinated - and now she is fighting for her life on a ventilator.'"

Sadly - the Covid diagnosis came too late. Marilyn died on Sept. 5th - on her 75th birthday.

"Her team of doctors said multiple times if she would have just come in sooner, they could have given her Regeneron or the monoclonal antibodies," Lisowski said.

So why wasn't Marilyn tested for Covid and what does it take for the Lakes Urgent Care Clinic to be tested? FOX 2 called to find out and hasn't heard back.

Neither has Teresa.

"I am very angry still," she said.

Right now the CDC only recommends testing for people with symptoms - vaccinated or not. Teresa believes it should be mandated.

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Marilyn Pfeifer

"If my mom’s death isn’t for anything, it's if we can kind of push for change," Lisowski said. "Because how many other people out there have to die."