Halloween safety tips during COVID

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Decorations and costume shopping is giving some a sense of normalcy after last year’s Halloween or lack thereof because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Kids and even adults are looking forward to a day of fun. It falls on a Sunday which means more time to trick or treat and get candy. 

Pediatrician Dr. Brian Goldstein with Allied Physicians Group recommends people gather in groups. While we’re in a much better place than we were last Halloween he insists now is not the time to pretend COVID is gone.

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"Outdoors certainly is safer," said Dr. Goldstein. "I don’t recommend masks for outdoor use. A lot more of the population is vaccinated, the case rate, fortunately, is down a lot, the death rate is going down a lot."

And in addition to being COVID cautious - he offers some other safety tips for kids. 

"They have to be careful in the street, in their costumes and make sure it’s not impacting their ability to move around," he said. 

Doctors suggest wearing a mask when approaching a door just to be safe but the best way to avoid contact is to leave a bowl outside.