NYC reaches day 701 without at least 1 inch of snow

Snow covers trees, bushes, and paths at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (Courtesy of Brooklyn Botanic Garden/Rebecca Bullene)

New York City continues its recording-breaking snowless streak.

How many days since snow in NYC?

As of Monday, Jan. 15, it's been 701 days since the Big Apple picked up at least an inch of snow in a single calendar day. 

Central Park picked up 1.6 inches of snow back on Feb. 13, 2022 – that's almost two years without the white stuff.

The average date for the first snow of the season in the Northeast. (FOX Weather)

This breaks the previous streak of 383 days that ended in March 1998.

The Big Apple only saw 2.3 inches of snow over the winter of 2022 through all of 2023. That is more than a 2-foot deficit compared to the average winter season snowfall and a record for the lowest annual snowfall total.

Despite the sludge and slush that accumulates on NYC streets after snow storms, kids told FOX 5 NY's Linda Schmidt earlier this month they're excited to see the dry spell end.

"I’m very excited. I love the snow," 9-year-old Charlie told Schmidt.

"They’ve been very upset,." said Katie, a New York City mom. "There’s no school to be missed. There’s no sledding to be had."

Is it going to snow this winter?

Without officially reaching an inch of precipitation during the first nor'easter of 2024, the record snowless streaks will continue for most major cities from New York City southward along the I-95 corridor.