Who is in charge at the MTA?

With Pat Foye ending his four-year tenure at the helm of the largest public transit authority in the United States on Thursday and Interim NYC Transit Authority President Sarah Feinberg announcing her plans to step down Friday, just who is in charge of the MTA beginning this weekend?

"Janno Lieber is in charge," MTA board member Andrew Albert told FOX 5 NY. "He's very knowledgeable. He has a great record of accomplishments."

Lieber has been the MTA's construction boss since 2018, but in the current shuffle of leadership, he is now the acting chairman and CEO.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had wanted Lieber, but asked for Feinberg as well. However, the State Senate did not want to change the laws to split the two roles. 

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"It was unclear if the state senate would reconvene their recess and split the chairmanship into chair and CEO. She (Feinberg) would have stayed. She would have been made chair and Janno would have been made CEO," Albert said.

Now, the job of head of the NYC Transit Authority is empty, and MTA board member Andrew Albert says that it is vital that a replacement or at least an Interim President is found soon.

"The transit carries the lions' share of transportation in the tri-state area and we have to have a person in charge," Albert said.

Feinberg is hoping the Senate will reconsider splitting the chairman and CEO position between herself and Lieber.

FOX 5 NY reached out to the MTA multiple times Thursday to ask who would replace Feinberg and become the next Transit Authority president. So far, we had not heard back.