Where is George? - Calls for embattled Rep. George Santos to resign continue

The sign outside still says Tom Suozzi, but staff for embattled Congressman George Santos were inside his new Douglaston district office on Frida, even as a crowd gathered outside - calling on him to resign.

"The best way he can represent us is by finding someone else to represent us that’s honest," said one constituent.

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Santos, who has admitted to lying about almost every aspect of his life made it clear in an interview with longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon on Thursday that he’s not going anywhere.

"I’ve lived an honest life," he said. "I’ve never been accused of any bad doings. I was elected by 142-thousand people. Until those 142-thousand people tell me they don’t want me, we will find out in two years."

Now, residents and leaders have launched a "Where’s George Santos" campaign insisting Santos can’t hide from his constituents, with a petition beginning to gain traction.

"If you see George Santos in public take a picture and upload it with the hashtag where’s George," Leg. Joshua Lafazan said. "We will make every day in this district a nightmare until you find us."

According to the session scheduled, Congress is in voting next week. The hope is for Santos to be back in Queens in Nassau with his constituents, many of whom plan to continue holding him accountable.

"We need congress to expel him," said Jody Kass Finkel who confounded Concerned Citizens of NY-03. "I know that’s extraordinary but it’s extraordinary times."

Former U.S. Senator Al D’Amato says it’s unlikely.

"He’s going to go to prison. No doubt in my mind," he said. "He deserves it. Will they throw him out of the congress. No. They’ll let the legal justice system work."

A new poll released by Public Policy Polling found 60-percent of voters in New York’s 3rd district want Santos to resign including 38-percent of republicans. Another watchdog organization filed a complaint with the FEC on Friday.