What's hot in fashion for kids this spring

From mixing prints and patterns, to incorporating metallic in everything from jackets to shoes, spring 2020 fashion trends are shaping up to be wide-ranging for children.

Lifestyle expert Brittney Levine and several pint-sized models showed off the top hot looks for the warmer weather.

Trend 1. Mixed Prints & Patterns

When putting outfits together, we tend to think we have to stick to only one print, but those days are over. The more patterns and prints the better!

Since the release of the new Lion King movie, animal prints in kids fashion have been one of the biggest trends.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match stripes with polka dots or cheetah and zebra, the options are endless! 

Another big trend we’re seeing is the Smock raincoat - transparent material is super chic and a great way to still show off your kid’s style. 

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Trend 2: Western

Since the song, 'Old Town Road' was released, kids have been going crazy for western-style clothing. Love a pop of yellow or green as we head into the warmer weather. From cowboy-like boots to all-jean outfits, both boys and girls are channeling their inner Billy Ray Cyrus.

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Trend 3: Royal-inspired

Prince George and Princess Charlotte may not know it, but they are definitely trendsetters for children's fashion.  For the girls, we are seeing a lot of ruffles and plaid; a very preppy, Jackie Kennedy vibe.

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Trend 4: Metallic 

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