What is a storm surge warning?

For the first time, the National Weather Service issued a storm surge warning. It is in effect for part of Florida's Gulf Coast because of Tropical Storm Hermine.

Storm surge is considered a tropical storm and hurricane's silent killer. Experts say that the storm surge killed nearly 150 people during Superstorm Sandy and caused $50 billion in damage.

To help prevent loss of life, the National Weather Service has announced that is going to start issuing storm surge watches and warnings.

The National Hurricane Center in Florida demonstrated what the warning looks like currently for Tropical Storm Hermine.

A storm surge warning means that within 36 hours the coast is expected to get hit with more than 3 feet of water. Heavy rain inland could cause deadly flooding. The storm surge warning gives the public time to evacuate.

The National Weather Service is currently experimenting with the storm surge watches and warnings system. It is expected to be fully operational and in use by June 2017.