What happened to winter in NYC?

It's hard to believe that it is winter when it feels more like spring across the New York City region.

NYC temperature has been above average 40 days this year

The normal high temperature for January in Central Park is 39 degrees. The city spent most of the month above average.

In fact, there was only one day in the month that recorded below-average temperatures.  January 14th was one degree lower than average.

January 4th tied the record high for the date at 66 degrees.

January temperatures in NYC

January temperatures in NYC

January 2023 is in the record books as the warmest January since 1932.

Now in February, New York City has already seen temperatures in the 60s.

February temperatures in NYC.

February temperatures in NYC.

" We had the combination of global warming, and at the perfect time in January, the polar vortex strengthened which pulled all the arctic air northward," said meteorologist Steven DiMartino with NYNJPA Weather.  "Combine those 2 factors with a lack of snow, you're going to end up with the warmest January on record."

DiMartino says that New York City's current weather pattern is still being influenced by blizzards in the Buffalo area.

So where is the cold weather? It's out west where temperatures have been below average all the way down toward the Mexican border. Out on the East Coast though, it is a different story.

A ridge of high pressure has allowed above-average temperatures to reach as far north as the New York City area, making it feel a lot like spring. When does the season officially begin? Not for several weeks when it arrives on March 20th.

But, don't get used to the warm weather.  Winter will make a return to the area.

"Changes are on the way," DiMartino says.  "The polar vortex is rapidly weakening, we're going through a major stratospheric warming event, and that's going to open up the door for more wintery weather towards the end of this month into March."