Bay Ridge warehouse fire: Dozens of e-bikes found charred inside

Hundreds of e-bikes and mopeds were laid scattered Sunday across 63rd St. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – some charred from the fire, others still wrapped in plastic and cardboard boxes.

Firefighters pulled them from a storage unit at Stop and Stor storage, where a 3-alarm fire broke out just after noon.

"I was doing the garbage, I came out, I saw smoke from out of there, a little light smoke," said Dennis Gentile, a witness.

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Gentile saw it all unfolding and caught some of it on camera, as first responders arrived worrying, at the time, the fire could’ve been much worse.

Firefighters found three e-bikes and mopeds on fire, sharing they counted up to 300 e-bikes in two storage units, along with multiple e-batteries.

"I’d be honest, I thought these buildings were going to go up. Once they cut that door open, you can see a lot of smoke," Gentile said.

"I got really worried," Kevin Molon told FOX 5 NY. "I called out of work. I made sure I came here, and he told me I should be good, so now I feel relieved."

Molon has had years-old valuables in his unit on the 3rd floor for about three years. He rushed to the scene, fearful it was all lost.


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"A lot of collectibles, over $5,000 in collectibles here," Molon said. "I pay for fire protection, and I want to make sure everything is here." 

He finds the fire frustrating since his contract with the storage company specially bans storage of e-bikes 

FDNY issued ‘violation orders’ to the managers, along with representatives of the renter, who had the bikes in storage.


NYC, FDNY stepping up e-bike safety efforts after deadly Chinatown fire

Four people were killed Tuesday following a fire at an e-bike repair store in Chinatown, the FDNY said.

The fire follows hundreds happening more frequently across New York City in recent years, just one day ahead of the city council’s hearing of two bills that would require delivery platforms to provide workers with certified e-bikes and safety equipment.

Neighbors close to Sunday’s scene remain grateful the fire was contained as quickly as it was.

"They should do something with these bikes, all electric bikes. They should start doing it, checking permits for it or getting these batteries. They can kill people," Gentile said.

Fire officials said the owners of the bikes in storage won’t likely face any criminal charges with the fire, but could be charged for the damage and clean up while the fire remains under investigation.

A responding FDNY firefighter was sent to the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation. 

No other injuries were reported.