Local vigils held for victims of Turkey earthquake

Locally, and across the nation, people, especially members of the Turkish and Syrian Diaspora are coming together to do what they can to help those devastated by the recent earthquakes that have killed over 25,000 people.

Paterson, New Jersey is the home to the largest populations of Turkish and Syrian people in the U.S. and on Saturday, a vigil was held to mourn the lives lost.

"I always keep crying," said one attendee. "Last few days. Nobody is normal."

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For many Turkish people living in Paterson, the earthquake was very personal, leaving them desperate to get in touch with family members who were affected.

"This is a family," said Al Abdelaziz, a speaker at the vigil. "In the city of Paterson, when something bad happens we all come together and like I said, it's not a Turkish, Syrian, Muslim struggle, we all come together."

"We will cry, we will definitely cry," said another speaker. "But we will also make sure that we will stand up."

Mayor Andre Sayegh, who led the vigil, said there was still a tremendous need for items like baby formula, diapers, tents, sleeping bags, and more. 

Paterson City Hall will begin collecting donations on Monday and Tuesday and will continue to do so.