Videos of tidying up the house draw lots of viewers

Jessica Tull has dubbed herself the "Clean Queen." Three years ago, the mother of three from Florida decided to share her passion for cleaning on YouTube.

"I always loved to clean since I was very little," Tull said. "I thought what if I showed my house in the disaster it is and clean it up and see what people think about it."

Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers later, she's giving people what they want. In a collection of time-lapse videos on her channel, you can watch Jessica wash floors, fold laundry and unload the dishwasher. She also offers tips, tricks, and inspiration for some of the most tedious tasks around the house.

She told FOX 5 NY her viewership has only increased since the coronavirus pandemic.

"I feel like people are searching for cleaning videos to deep clean and sanitize," Tull said.

And Jessica is far from the only influencer who has found fame tidying up around the house.

Amanda Paige, who lives in Utah, started "This Crazy Life" on YouTube with her husband Kyle after she had her third child in 2017. 

"We have almost 300,000 subscribers," she said. "It just kind of helped me get back into doing the things I love to do."

Like Jessica's, Amanda's videos are set to motivating music and she even offers "after dark" videos of her cleaning in quiet once the kids are asleep.

"People are spending so much time at home, you want to make it as nice of a place to be as possible," Kyle said.

It's a full-time job. And yes, they get paid for it. While it may look easy, filming and editing can take hours. But the influencers say it's worth it.

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