Up to home buyers to check history of property

It's essentially a buyer beware state in New York. 

New York real estate lawyer Diane Nickelberg says it's the homebuyer who bears the responsibility for doing the research on the history of a home or property.

In the case of a home on Long Island where two teenage girls were found murdered near the property in 2016, the new owners reportedly had no idea what happened happened.

Experts say it's up to the buyer, who recently bought the property, to ask about its history. The realtor does not have to volunteer any information.    

But if anybody inquires, did someone die here or was someone killed here, then the broker or agent or seller cannot lie about it, experts say The same rule applies in New Jersey and Connecticut.

A realtor is only required to be honest, to be ethical when asked.      

Agency owner Kristin Airrgott in Hoboken, New Jersey says homebuyers often hire environmental or roof experts to research and inspect the home.

They should do the same. If they want to know if a crime has been committed there or if they feel the home is haunted,for example. 

If you worry about having a haunted house, hire an expert to do your own analysis if that's what important to you.