Traffic agent hailed as hero for saving family, dogs from fire

Traffic Supervisor Milagros Soriano says she is no hero, but she is being hailed as one for saving three people and four dogs from a fire in Queens.

Soriano and her partner were patrolling a section of Corona in Queens when she saw smoke coming from a home. Unsure where the smoke was coming from, Soriano and her partner drove around the block and Soriano jumped out of their car and ran inside a home. 

Kicking down the door, she found two residents and a pitbull inside, who she told to get out right away, before realizing the fire was actually next door.

Soriano immediately ran to the home next door, going to the home's second floor where she heard dogs barking. 

"When I went in I saw the building was already in smoke and I still went inside, I went to the second floor and I heard dogs barking," Soriano said. "I am an animal lover, so I did want to save the animals, so I broke the door down… there was a guy there and I told him that he needed to leave that his house was on fire, and he got himself together and I helped him with his animals, and we left the house."

When asked, Soriano said she'd do it all over again.