'They will kill you': Tourists warned to move away from bison fight in Yellowstone

A scary moment occurred when two bison started fighting at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as people watched in awe.

The Aug. 8 incident began with the two massive bison butting heads in the middle of the road, temporarily stopping traffic as several visitors to the park are seen watching from the side.

Two visitors eager to film the bison brawl on their devices got a little too close as others are heard on camera telling them to "back up" and "they will kill you."

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"Holy crap, look at this power," one person is heard commenting in the video.

Video of the bison fight was filmed by Cindy Shaffer, who is known for routinely capturing video from the park.

The Montana native shared the video on her Facebook page with the caption "What not to do," referencing the two tourists who got too close to the bison. 

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On June 29, a Colorado man was hospitalized after being gored by a bull bison. The 34-year-old man was walking with his family on a boardwalk near the Giant Geyser at Old Faithful, a popular tourist attraction located in the park, when the bull bison charged the group.

Officials said the man suffered an injury to his arm, and he was taken to the hospital.

Another bison attack occurred on May 30 when a 25-year-old Ohio woman was gored by a bison after getting within 10 feet of the animal, park officials said. The woman approached the bison as it was walking near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin, just north of Old Faithful, and it "gored her and tossed her 10 feet into the air."

Yellowstone National Park had recently reopened to visitors after destructive floods hit the area. It was also the second reported incident this year of a visitor getting too close to the animal, and the bison "responding to the perceived threat" by goring the individual, according to officials. 

Park regulations require visitors to stay more than 25 yards away from bison and other large animals. 

FOX29 Philadelphia and FOX 10 Phoenix contributed to this story. This story was reported from Washington, D.C.