This concierge will help you with the logistics of a breakup or divorce

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Onward is a post-breakup concierge service. (

Few things are worse than moving or going through a breakup. If you are dealing with both, a service can help you move on.

Onward is a concierge service that helps people going through "a breakup, a separation, or a divorce move physically and emotionally move on into the next phase of their life," co-founder and CEO Lindsey Meck said.

The service launched in New York on Valentine's Day.

"There's also this logistics piece, there's the physical move, there's finding an apartment in New York City, there's all the address changes and utility changes," Meck said. "It's really an administrative headache that you weren't really expecting to deal with."

Packages start at $99, which sets you up with a 10-day plan to find a new place and prepares you to move.

Onward also has more comprehensive packages that deal with the emotional and legal aspects of a separation. Those packages will set you back $500 but will match you with a therapist or lawyer specifically catered for your needs.