The McLaren 720S is sleek, fierce and powerful | Lap of Luxury

In this latest Lap of Luxury, I went back behind the wheel of a McLaren. But this time, I drove the Super Series 720S.

Launched in 2017, the 720S is McLaren's first second-generation Super Series car. It has gorgeous lines that each serve a purpose: reducing drag and cooling the engine.

McLaren chief designer Robert Melville says the automaker integrated the LED headlamps into the eye socket as part of the aerodynamic system. The lens design is upright and creates a quality of light output that Robert says has never been seen before on a supercar.

The sweeping dihedral doors on the McLaren 720S allow for easier exits, entrances, and parking. The car is inspired by the great white shark: sleek but fierce.

And it's all about performance.

McLaren North America President Tony Joseph says the car has an incredible amount of performance: 710 horsepower and zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. A twin-turbo 4-liter engine is at the heart of the car.

Michele Scotti, programme director at McLaren Automotive, says the engine gives an entertaining engagement. It goes beyond performance to convey passion and emotion. The 720S conveys that passion and emotion whether you're on the track or on the road.

I took the 720S to Bruce Park in Greenwich, Connecticut, to test it out. I did a little cruising and gave it a little gas.

The car clearly stands out, especially because so few of them are on the road. Tony says the company is looking to build about 2,000 cars a year, with North America representing a third of that market.

So you're looking at just over 750 cars in the North American market.

While McLaren keeps tight control on its production numbers, it has big plans for its future cars. Tony says McLaren is investing about $1.6 billion in research and development and will be launching 15 new vehicles and variants by 2026.

By 2025, 100 percent of the cars will be hybrid.


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